SaGa series creator hints at possible remaster, remake and new game

The creator of the SaGa series, Akitoshi Kawazu, announced that a remake, remaster and a new game are on the way.

First reported Kotaku, Kawazu tweeted yesterday to thank SaGa fans for their support in 2021, teasing what could happen in 2022. According to Google’s translation service, Kawazu’s tweet also reveals some interesting game developments that are being worked on.

“We will be working on different things so that we can support 2022 as well,” reads a translation of Kawazu’s tweet from Google. “We will do our best to not only manage the service, but also to redesign, redo and release new works so that we can bring the good news to everyone.”

It is important to note that the Google translation service does not always work correctly, sometimes it lacks context, which, for example, can be captured in a real translation from a translator. With that said, it’s hard to take this Google translation verbatim, but the general gist seems clear: Kawazu is teasing a remaster, a remake, and something “new.”

Kawazu is currently the CEO of Square Enix, but the SaGa series is still his pride and joy as he developed the first way back in 1989, shortly after co-writing Final Fantasy. The first SaGa game was called The Final Fantasy Legend in the West, but it was known as Makai Toushi SaGa in Japan, as noted Kotaku… More than 15 SaGa games have been released since then, with 2019’s Imperial SaGa: Eclipse being the most recent in the franchise (aside from SaGa Frontier Remastered released this year).

Only time will tell if a remake, remaster and new game are in the works, but nevertheless, now is a good time to become a fan of Kawazu’s creativity. Waiting (hopefully) to find out more, read on why one Game informer the editor believes it is the SaGa series’ willingness to be different from others that makes it so special, then check it out Game informer An interview in which we spoke with the producers of the SaGa series about JRPG, Western possibilities and more.

[Source: Kotaku]

What SaGa game would you like to remake? What SaGa game do you want to see updated? Let us know in the comments below!

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