Running Sonic on non-Sega hardware made Yuuji Naku both upset and happy

Image: Sega

After the short existence of the Dreamcast, Sega made the decision to stop developing the hardware and become a third party developer and publisher. Although this was somewhat welcome news for the fans Other company at the time, it was undoubtedly a difficult period for the Sega team.

One person who had “mixed feelings” about Sonic running on “non-Sega hardware” was character co-creator Yuuji Naka. This week marks 20 years since Sonic Adventure 2: Battle debuted on the Nintendo GameCube in North America, and Mr. Naka used it as an opportunity to reflect on how he felt, calling the moment “sad and happy at the same time.”

“I had mixed feelings about running Sonic on non-Sega hardware, both sad and happy. It’s been 20 years.”

Sonic’s relationship with Nintendo has improved over the years – a large number of Sonic games grace almost every modern Nintendo platform. The Sega mascot even joined Brothers Super Smash. roster, has teamed up with Mario in a series of sports games and will return to Switch later this year in Sound boundaries.

As for Yuji Naka, he released Balan World of Wonders in 2021 (published by Square Enix) and has recently been developing mobile games. Do you have fond memories of Sonic Adventure 2: Battle for the Nintendo GameCube? Leave a comment below.

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