Rumor: Sonic Frontiers release date may already have leaked

Could November be a month?

At The Game Awards earlier this month, Sega and Sonic Team unveiled the lid on a new open-world game. Sonic Frontiers

This should happen at some point during the “2022 holiday”, so when can we expect the next blue spot to appear? According to PlayStation Database Tracker ‘PlayStation game size‘, Sonic’s next adventure is set for November 15th.

The date is the same as the holiday period, but how Sonic fans noted – In November, quite a few Sonic games have been released in the past. Of course, it could just be a “placeholder date” – so keep that in mind.

Presumably, this date will include the release of the game on all other platforms, including Switch. When do you think we’ll see Sonic Frontiers next year? Make a guess below.

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