Rumor: Seth Rogen is likely to star in a solo film about Donkey Kong

Image: Nintendo

It’s fair to say that when the cast of the upcoming Super Mario Movie was announced, it sparked a lot of talk online. First, it will be strange that a number of characters from the fantasy world of Nintendo will have the voices of some of Hollywood’s biggest stars; When the movie comes out in the 2022 holiday season, it will surely be intriguing.

One of the unexpected casting decisions was Seth Rogen as Donkey Kong, which naturally means we can expect DC to be able to say a decent amount of votes. The most cinematic character in recent history is the outrage at stealing bananas, so a talking version of the iconic character will be the real thing.

If the report is from Giant freaky robot turns out to be right, then we can get a lot more of Seth Rogan as DK. The pop culture website reports that Rogan is signed on to a solo DK movie following Mario’s debut. To be precise, it won’t be until 2023 before it appears, and heck it is known which other Kongs the other Kongs will be involved in – Cranky Kong, voiced by Fred Armisen, is also filming for the Super Mario movie.

It should also be noted that this is not the first time there is buzz about the DK project in this direction, when it was previously said that Donkey Kong’s animation is in development.

It will be weird, but hopefully too good… We’ll see, but for now let us know if you’d like to watch a separate Donkey Kong movie – think about drama

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