Rumor: Please Make This Super Monkey Ball amiibo be Real


Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania could get their own AiAi amiibo, if a new escape is to be believed.

The fact that it’s a third-party amiibo isn’t the point that stops there – we’ve already seen the tastes Dark anime, Monster Hunter and Knight Shovel get immortalized in NFC-ready plastic figures – it’s more that the source of this particular noise is 4chan, which is almost always enough to ring the alarm bells.

However, just look at this thing.


If so it is a false elaboration, then the person behind has done his duties. AiAi also has a transparent plastic backing for the foot, and the design of the box looks legitimate. The only point of contention is that the Nintendo logo – other third-party amiibo boxes have the amiibo logo or Nintendo Quality Seal instead.

Do you think this is legitimate, or just a cruel lie to raise our hopes? Let me know with a comment.


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