Rumor: Mario movie’s real title probably won’t shock anyone

Image: Nintendo

It’s been a long time since we last heard the news of the Mario movie Illumination. Taking the internet by storm with its, shall we say, interesting leading cast, we heard in April that The Plumber’s return to the big screen was to be pushed back to 2023. For some cause for celebration, this release date delay may have been the perfect opportunity to provide additional information about the upcoming animated film. ; but whenever we look for news, it turns out that all the updates have been transferred to another castle.

It still is (well, almost). As noted yesterday @DespicableOutof on Twitter, the film now has an initial listing on Illumination studios in Paris website, which means that we may finally get an idea of ​​what this “Mario movie” will be called. After months of fiddling around looking for the right answer – Is this a Mario movie? Super Mario? Crouching plumber, hiding gas station? – it seems that Illumination Studios decided on the name, and what the board meeting had to be like to come up with it.

According to the site, we will no longer foolishly dub the upcoming The Mario Movie, oh no. Illumination seems to be pushing the boat a lot further, as they seem to have called the movie – wait – Super Mario Bros.

Now we are as surprised as you that the team behind such titles as Despicable Me as well as, Em, Despicable Me 2would have made such an original decision about the name for their newest Nintendo IP, but hey, at least everyone will know what the movie is based on.

Of course, this title hasn’t been officially confirmed by either Illumination’s statement or The Big N itself, so the chances of finally seeing Chris Pratt star in The Plumber and the Plumber aren’t out of the question. just for now.

After all, selling a big name like Mario has always required a pretty provocative marketing campaign, and if that’s the reason for one of the most predictable games we’ve ever seen, then so be it. be him. The original name was never more than a pipe dream.

What title would you choose instead of Super Mario Bros.? Get the pun in the comments below!

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