Rumor: Epic Work with Paramount, Opening the Door for Shrek and TMNT in Fortnite

Image: Epic Games / ViacomCBS / Nintendo Life

The latest news hitting the rumor mill, perhaps unsurprisingly, is that Fortnite is getting new characters from popular movies and TV series. While it might not shock anyone (it’s all Fortnite after all), it all comes down to a deal between Epic and Paramount, the latter of which belongs to ton properties.

The news comes from Nick Baker of XboxEra, who said the following on his latest live podcast (you can watch the timestamped video below for a full discussion):

“I was told that apparently Paramount signed an agreement with Epic to transfer ownership of Fortnite. Chief among these I have heard of were Teenage Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. […] If they made a deal with Fortnite, that obviously opens the door. So, for example, we have two Venoms, three Spider-Man. […] We already have [Master] Chief, so we get the Halo TV Chief? “

The deal, Baker said, involves several properties owned by Paramount, which, as you can imagine, include quite a few famous characters. Baker himself has listed a couple of things he would like to see in Fortnite, such as Star Trek, South Park, and, uh, Peppa Pig… We would also like to suggest Titanic and Fraser, please.

Revenge of the Shredders

However, as of now, the only “semi-confirmed” Fortnite characters are Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. “That was what worried me the most,” he said, before moving on to presenting some of the emotions that would be associated with the characters. Pizza party emotion, anyone?

As far as the confirmed TMNT stuff goes, we have Shredder’s Revenge coming to Switch this year. 2022 is about to come very cowabunga.

What Paramount-owned properties would you like to see in Fortnite? Let us know in the comments below!

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