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We’re thrilled to finally be able to show off RPGolf Legends, releasing on January 20, 2022 for PS5 and PS4 with cross-purchase support!

I’m Riccardo Castelnuovo, founder of ArticNet, the RPGolf Legends development team. The core team is very (very) small… just me and another developer (hello Guillaume!). In total, we have been working on RPGolf Legends for a little over two years.

The idea that brought RPGolf Legends to life comes from 8-bit golf games I played when I was a kid. I loved them, but every shot I took couldn’t help but want to explore those beautiful courses where the character played golf (these pixels once looked so beautiful). This is how the idea of ​​an open-world golf game was born. What is the best thing to do when exploring a golf course besides playing golf? Fighting monsters, of course! And that’s how everything came to life.

While developing RPGolf Legends, we faced many challenges, but the most challenging of them was by far trying to strike a good balance between elements of golf, combat, exploration and role-playing. It was very difficult to make the game feel natural when two genres, such as golf and role-playing, were mixed. This was especially difficult because we thought that focusing on one aspect or another should be completely up to the player so that everyone can enjoy the game in their own way, focusing more on the aspect that they enjoy the most.

There are many things players can do, but my personal favorite is crafting. Once you get a blueprint for a new item/golf set/plate/etc, there is nothing more satisfying than finding all the materials and finally crafting the item. I think players will feel like they got this item after a long quest.

When it comes to combat, special boss fights take place in the last hole of each area. The main character Aerin must go through the hole to defeat each boss. To do this, she first needs to fight the boss, stun him and shoot him before he gets back on his feet.

The biggest piece of advice I can give is to try to stay close to the ball, because when you finally stun the boss, there won’t be much time to shoot! Being close to the ball, everything will be much easier.

Each monster and boss is directly inspired by the area the character is exploring. For example, in the first area (in the forest), Aerin will encounter a giant evil tree blocking her path. The tree can perform attacks close to its character (leaf storm, root attacks, etc.) and in order to defeat it, it is very important to pay attention to the patterns!

I know that we will have players who played the first RPGolf as well as new players who are the first to approach the saga. First, we listened to your feedback. We received a lot of great ideas and feedback from gamers around the world, and we tried our best to improve, refine and complement the concept of the game.

We also assure new players that you don’t need to play the first game to enjoy this one as the two stories are completely different.

RPGolf Legends Coming to PS4 and PS5 January 20th

We have introduced many new concepts: a new large world map, a new combat system that feels more natural than before, improved golf, classes, quests, crafting, tournaments and more.

We hope that our fans will appreciate all the hard work we have put into improving the game and that new players will enjoy this unique action-rpg-golf game.

We are very excited that everyone will be able to start playing RPGolf Legends from next Thursday.

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