RPG No Place For Bravery Postponed to Q3 2022

Glitch Factory and Ysbryd Games have announced that No room for courage will now release on Switch and Steam in the third quarter of 2022.

The story-driven RPG was first announced for the Switch in the summer of 2020 when it was announced to launch in the first quarter of 2021. It was then pushed back to the fourth quarter of 2021 before settling for release later this year.

“Previously announced for the fourth quarter of 2021, No Place for Bravery will now benefit from additional care and craftsmanship to fully realize the developer’s vision of a timeless dark fable about the fine line between heroism and obsession,” reads the press release.

If this is the first time you’ve heard of it, here’s what this timeless dark fable has in store:

After a lifetime of fighting and suffering, Thorne prepares to lay down his sword forever until he receives a new lead on his missing daughter Leaf. Embark, berserker, into an unforgiving, breathtaking world where one wrong move can end Thorn’s story. Race around the dangers with a second timer or change the difficulty settings to enjoy the fairy tale and save the challenge for another day. Regardless of the path that Thorn takes, discover a haunting, dark soundtrack and detailed pixel art reminiscent of an era of giants and myths.

Have you been waiting to hear more about it? Are you thinking of giving it a try when it eventually launches on Switch? Let us know at the usual place.

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