Round Up: Sonic The Hedgehog Birthday Messages From Around the World


Saw mascot Sonic the Hedgehog he is now officially 30 years old. To celebrate, the company held a special 30th Anniversary Symphony and there has also been some Sonic-themed DLC added Minecraft. Celebrations will continue later this year with upcoming releases Sonic Colors Ultimate, Sonic Origins, and a new title in 2022.

To top it off, we’ve collected all the beautiful messages received from Sonic on his 30th birthday via the social networking platform Twitter. There are some game companies, mascot companies, Sonic creators, composers, people who have helped the character’s voice over the years and even more. Enjoy!

If we missed any messages that you think are worth adding to this round up, please let us know. Did you do anything to celebrate Sonic’s 30th birthday? Leave a comment below.



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