Round Up: Here’s what was revealed at Nintendo Direct E3 2021


@ -Juice- @ DeclanS98 The constant ports of Wii U, and the remasters of old games were starting to annoy me to disdain it, especially when the games didn’t even add any meaning to another pass. Excessive dependence on third parties is also frustrating, as typically, these games have been out for ages on other platforms, more economical, and work better on those platforms. Pay for a lower version to play portable. Sometimes a good exchange, sometimes not. But overall, the new Nintendo games of the first game feel few and far between.

Now, this E3 has restored a part of my faith, but not all; some of the live performance was full of announcements from other companies that covered them in their own presentations. The ports / remnants of other games are fine, but it looked like Nintendo was hiding them coming to the Switch so they had padding for the presentation. There’s also the fact that while I’m happy to see Advance Wars come back, why isn’t it new? Why doesn’t the new Mario Party make new board / mini games, but instead take them from the past?

My faith is restored a bit because the return of Advance Wars and the 2D metroids and Warioware makes me think that Nintendo is thinking at least about some of the IPs under use. And it’s a step in the right direction.


On a side note, a random observation that surprised me was no mention of live Pokemon for what I remember. It is welcome from my perspective; they usually spend at least 10 minutes on whatever title comes out that year.


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