Roller Champions Season 2: Way of the Dragon Live

Roller Champions Season 2: Path of the Dragon is available now for all Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One players. Dragon’s Way is inspired by the martial arts and centuries-old traditions of Asia, featuring new themed maps including Bangkok Arena, Zen Temple and Dragon Temple.

The new season also introduces additional cross-platform features, allowing players to team up with their friends regardless of platform. Other improvements include updates to the matchmaking system and game stability, making the game more fluid and comfortable; and its live schedule, which includes sponsorship deal progression, season cards, and limited-time weekly game modes; in the past, these game modes have included 2v2, which switches the pace of the game by reducing the number of players, Hot Potato, where the ball literally turns into a time bomb that will explode if it is not passed, and Arena 8, which changes the shape of the track into a sign infinity.

Roller Champions, free to play on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, is a 3v3 skating sports game in which you and your team must pass the ball, dodge opponents, and shoot the ball over the hoop to score a goal – and the first team of five victory points. The more games you win, the more fans you earn by unlocking new stadiums and accessories. Team up with two friends to become famous in Dragon’s Way today!

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Roller Champions™

Skate, practice and race to glory in Roller Champions™. Discover a free PvP team sports game like no other! Welcome to 2032. Arenas are being built around the world, and fans are rushing to the stands to marvel at today’s roller-skating champions. They speed up to 100 miles per hour, fight with opponents, skate and dunk while thousands of fans shout their names. Playing as the Roller Champion, compete as a team of three against three. The rules are simple: grab the ball, circle while maintaining team possession, dodge your opponents and score. Get more points by completing extra laps before trying to score a goal. After each match, recruit fans to compete in large arenas. Customize characters and create a unique destiny.

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