Rogue Legacy 2 is coming out, but not for the transition (yet?)

Rogue Legacy, which originally released in 2013 and then on Switch in 2019, was a tongue-in-cheek take on the roguelike genre: Whenever your character dies during one of the dungeon crawl segments, their hero role is taken over. one of their children. Each child will have a unique characteristic that roughly and crudely mirrors the genetic conditions of the real world, from color blindness (which makes the game black and white) to dwarfism (which makes the character short), which significantly affects running.

Continuation, Rogue Legacy 2, was announced back in April 2020, and after almost two years of early access, it’s finally coming to consoles. Unfortunately for us, that console is an Xbox, but the fact that it’s an Xbox One and Series X/S only gives us hope that it’s just a temporary exclusive and that we’ll end up getting a Rogue Legacy 2 in our dirty JoyCon. also holds mittens.

Since the game has been in early access for two years now, we can see what people think of it so far in Steam reviews:

“Already better than Rogue Legacy 1”

“Big improvement over the first game”

“Not quite a fun game – yet – but close!”

“Really fun game bogged down in weird mechanics”

“Fair warning: it’s pretty hard, but over time you can also upgrade your stats and gear to make things easier.”

New features in the game include the ability to acquire “debilitating” traits in the game for greater rewards, new systems such as relics, which are powers that “revolutionize the way you play”, and relics that range from special challenges to new abilities. . Also clowns? Clowns.

New traits include Antiquarian (makes the graphics look a little like a Game Boy game), Associative Agnosia (pixelates all enemies), Synesthesia (makes everything pretty colors, ooh) and Hyperflatulence (farts).

Release date (PC and Xbox) is April 28, 2022.

Do you want to see Rogue Legacy 2 on Switch, or are you willing to skip it (or play on another platform)? Let us know about it in the comments!

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