Road 96: Mile 0 – first trailer revealed

Welcome to White Sands, the only luxury village in Petria! Today we show the first trailer Road 96: Mile 0giving players the opportunity to understand what is behind Zoya’s escape and what is the terrible secret behind it. Road 96: Mile 0 is a thoughtful and unique prequel about two teenagers who love to fiddle with their skateboards and roller skates, contrasting with the serious problems in a twisted land. Find out more about the game below. Enjoy!

Road 96: Mile 0. Looks like this is where it all started…

Many players, I mean hitchhikers, Road 96 it was asked why this important character, the only one from a wealthy background, Zoya, was also on the road trying to escape the country. So we wanted to reveal her story and the events of May ’96 just before the first game. What the hell happened in this luxurious residence where President Tirak lives that caused Zoya to leave?

This is a story of friendship between two very different characters: Zoey and Kaito.

The main theme of the game is friendship, its beauty and limits. Zoey grew up in this luxurious residence like a princess in a castle, but Kaito, her closest friend, used to live in the dangerous capital of Colton City. He lost his girlfriend Aya there 2 years ago after she developed cancer due to incredible environmental pollution. He was the main character of our first game, Lost in Harmony.

Road 96 Mile 0

Is there any knowledge you want players to gain from the game? Road 96: Mile 0?

In all of our games at DigixArt, we try to add another layer that makes them special, beyond just having fun. AT Road 96: Mile 0 The gauges are about the beliefs of the characters. Influencing them, you understand that there is more than one truth, that it is your past and your traumas that form the prism through which you look at the world. Put yourself in the shoes of two opposite characters, this will help you open your mind.

Music is the leitmotif of all the games you create. How will this affect the emotional experience of the players?

We care so much about the music in our creations. Music is what defines you, it’s pure emotion for your brain, not translated by any human inventions like language. AT Road 96: Mile 0 we go beyond that and use musical pieces to explain the trauma and feelings that Zoe and Kaito go through. We use these musical metaphors to create a sort of trance symbiosis between you and those emotions. A sort of psychedelic colorful opera that hypnotizes. And this is where we can take the gameplay much further than mini-activities.

Road 96 Mile 0

What challenges did you face while creating this game?

We wanted to challenge the team by creating deeper game mechanics rather than shallow actions, while still being meaningful to the story. That’s why your choice of rides affects the story. We wanted to combine these two different gameplays.

Message to our readers: What makes the future Road 96 Universe looks like?

Oh if you knew what’s in store, amazing how the universe Road 96 can expand. It touched people’s hearts. Around the world, everyone will find out their own struggles in this dystopian story. What happens after the September 9 revolution, what is on the other side of the wall, this is just the beginning …

Road 96: Mile 0 Coming to PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S on April 4, 2023.

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