Risk Of Rain 2: First Big Expansion Delayed To End Of 2022 On Switch

Fans of 3D shooter Risk of Rain 2 will have to wait a bit to get their hands on the game’s first expansion on Switch. In their latest Dev Thoughts video, developer Hopoo Games announced that the upcoming Survivors of the Void expansion will now release on Switch in Q4 2022 instead of summer.

The expansion came to PC earlier this year, but the team is hard at work on fixing all the bugs to ensure a smooth launch on consoles. The new expansion brings new maps, new survivors, new items, and more.

Here’s a rundown of what to expect from Survivors of the Void, straight from the game. Steam page:

Release the void
Gates to the Void are open! The corrupting power it contained consumed Petrikor V and plunged the planet into darkness. For millennia, the Void Beings have dominated, taking artifacts from our realm for theirs. Now they want to add you to their collection.

Take your friends on an adventure! Only one player must own Survivors of the Void for monsters, levels, and items to show up in-game for the entire lobby. Players without Survivors of the Void will not be able to select two new survivors or permanently unlock new items, magazines, or other content.

Survivor 1: Take your shot with the Railgunner
Use your advantage on high ground. Unleash devastating strikes across the map with the Railgunner’s first-person scope. Calculate your reload time, aim for weak spots and change the battlefield. Railgunner is the best boss killer. Instead of cutting down hordes, she destroys her target with a single shot.

Mastering the positioning and movement of the Railgunner unlocks her true potential. Throw a concussion device to get to the observation deck or get out of a difficult situation. Railgunner is instantly unlocked for owners of Survivors of the Void.

Survivor 2: Curb Corruption with Void Fiend
Turn the corruption to your advantage and use the power of the Void. A corrupt commando is torn between controlling and absorbing his new powers. Void Fiend is the second new survivor in Survivors of the Void. As the corruption overtakes you, the abilities turn into more powerful attacks for a short time.

Drown your enemies with a stream of beams and rockets and master new ways of movement. Calculate your damage, curb the void, release the Demon of the Abyss. Unlock Void Fiend by defeating a new threat in Survivors of the Void.

Use powerful Abyss items

Trash familiar items and unlock new abilities! Obtaining one of the 14 Abyss items permanently changes all normal versions of that item. Corruption brings power, but it also brings change. You will find that many elements now do the opposite of what they did before. The electrifying music of the Void ukulele is aimed at single enemies, not crowds. Some items do something completely different!

Unlock 5 gear items, 4 lunar items and 18 standard items in Survivors of the Void.

Behold the terrifying monsters… and goops
More Providence creatures are on the loose, and they are not happy about this threat to their world. The Gelatin Goop is back and brings new friends from the far reaches of Petrichor V. Beware of this adorable orange spawn, get too close and it could throw you off a cliff.

The most powerful beings come from the Void. Your ability to reach the Abyss threatens them. This attack will not go unanswered. Constructs of immense power and corrupted mind have been sent to capture you. Uncover the root of their power and, if you can, fight them.

New stages discovered
Unfamiliar places found on Petrichor V! Go through new stages, reveal their secrets and penetrate the Void. Explore the beautiful waterfalls of the Aphel Sanctuary, enjoy the pungent smell of the Sulfur Pools, and enjoy the occasional ice skating in the Pumped Forest.

Thankfully, Risk of Rain 2 is still pretty darn good, so don’t wait too carefully. We gave the game an 8/10 in our game review, where we said that it “proves to be the exceptionally well-designed gameplay that made its predecessor popular.”

If you play Risk of Rain 2 or are just interested in the game, please share your thoughts on latency below!

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