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Three Open Qualifiers. A Grand Final. $ 25,000 in total cash price.

Get ready to show off your Diamond Dynasty team in the first competitive multi-platform tournament circuit of MLB The Show 21. Everyone who plays all of their games the first day wins Stubs, and we also have more prizes on the line for our elite competitors.

The cross-platform Summer Circuit is available to those over the age of 18 in the United States and Canada, and offers three Open Qualifiers before the Final, giving fans plenty of opportunities to compete.

  • The first qualifier starts on July 24th, the second qualifier on August 7th, and the third qualifier on August 21st.
  • Participants will compete in a system of Swiss tournaments through the qualifying rounds on the first day. The second day will feature a unique elimination bracket with the first players competing on the first day.
  • The Grand Finals will feature a single-elimination bracket format with the first 64 Open Qualifiers players.

The Summer Circuit is open to all eligible participants * and each player can qualify for the Grand Finals and win a shot at $ 25,000 USD in total cash prizes, Stubs, and even MLB merch prize packages.

For the Grand Finals, the first four contestants play on the San Diego Studio Twitch channel. The winner will bring $ 15,000 home, a $ 1,000 MLB Shop digital gift card, a ball used from the game by Home Run Derby, and 1,050,000 Stubs!


To register and see all the unique prizes you can win during the Summer Circuit head over to Battlefy. Also, be sure to check the Competition Center, home to all of PlayStation’s competitive game content and for more details on the game and tips to help you be the best on the Summer Circuit.

Before you go, be prepared to move on to the plate with a few tips to help your game. And remember, the most important tip is to practice, practice, practice!

  1. MLB The Show 21 has introduced Pinpoint Pitching, a new way to provide the highest level of accuracy in your launches. Try it, but use the pitching mode that best suits your style of play.
  1. Throw some intentional balls and be unpredictable when you throw. Once a batsman is behind the count, they may be more likely to hit a wide pitch and tear. Shake and work the count!
  1. There are several ways to customize your PCI (including color) in the options menu. Switch to finding one that helps you maximize your game. Then spend time in practice mode to get your timing up with the interface you choose.

Go write now, and good luck this summer!

* MLB The Show 21 summer circuit – Access to the MLB The Show 21 game and corresponding console, system account, and online multiplayer subscription required. Must be 18+ is resident in the United States, DC, or Canada. Starts July 19th – Ends August 29th. NULU DUNDU VUTU. See complete rules

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