Rick and Morty God Of War: Ragnarok commercial released

The old one from Rick and Morty holding an ax from God Of War Ragnarok.

Screenshot: Swimming for adults

Rick and Morty made an advertisement for God of War: Ragnarokshown on TV yesterday. Why? I don’t fucking know. Because the rest of the time now has to be made up entirely of overlapping memes?

I understand it Rick and Morty really very popular. Adult Swim just started its sixth season and McDonald’s had this gravy thing and then there were all these insufferable people quoting it on Twitch or whatever. Look, I tried the first episode twice and failed both times. I am a villain. You are right and I am wrong. But since everyone else Kotaku won’t celebrate Labor Day, I remain the only one to paste this YouTube link for you.

Swimming for adults

See how power changes Rick and Morty like a father-son relationship god of War? But don’t you know that Rick or Morty, whoever is old, doesn’t care about the lower at all. This is where humor comes from.

I’m kind of sorry. I bet Zach is a big fan. He will probably furious me for my philistine manners and underestimation of this modern masterpiece. Don’t know. But I found that after watching the above promotional video, I’m looking forward to Ragnarok about 3.8 percent less.

But, you know, what says more about “high art” than the sale of any company willing to pay for moving drawings and a person speaking the accompanying words? They did same for death threadand I suppose they will do the same for anyone who puts two plump bags with a dollar sign on their table.

And damn it R&M co-writer Justin Roiland does his game too, absolutely terrible sight High quality of lifewhich, as far as I can tell, plays Rick and Morty as two annoying guns.

There. I broke the news that there is Rick and Morty advertising for God of War: Ragnarok. It’s done. Mission accomplished. And my YouTube algorithm will serve me clips of this fucking show for weeks. Now please leave angry comments.

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