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In Soundfall, you play as one of five musical heroes transported to a distant world to protect the music itself from the forces of Strife.

Soundfall is a rhythmic dual-stick shooter procedurally generated to music. Players are immersed in a familiar control system and a top-down slash-like visual presentation, with one huge twist: actions performed on the beat are much more powerful. Lose the rhythm and you lose the power.

The result is insane and brooding in equal measure, as players strike a balance between tracking their enemies and moving to the beat of the music in a world that rocks and bounces to the same music.

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The heroes of Soundfall – Melody, Jackson, Lydia, Bright and Kai – musical geniuses from Earth, transported to Symphony, the world of music, through the mysterious Soundfall. Each character has their own special attack and ultimate ability linked to their personal Instrument of Harmony, an ancient musical weapon capable of fending off the forces of Strife.

It will be a difficult task even for five. Discord’s forces are led by Banshee, Discord’s most cunning lieutenant, and she brings with her a fearsome array of Discordians, evil beings bent on destroying music wherever they find it. Players will have to defeat the Discordians in each world before the music can be saved.

While all of Soundfall can be played alone, with up to five characters, co-op options are vast. Soundfall offers remote co-op and couch co-op, and the entire game can be played co-op, from the campaign to the free play mode.

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And don’t worry – Soundfall’s loot and levels are player dependent, so if you log into a friend’s campaign to help them get through a tough situation, you’ll both keep all the loot and experience you’ve earned on your local accounts. Remember that it takes a community to defeat Discord and save all music.

And what kind of music is there! Soundfall comes with a soundtrack containing over 140 songs, and since Symphonia World music, the Soundfall soundtrack is a multi-genre work.

Every playing environment in Soundfall has its own musical theme, from the poppy Skylands where the game starts, to the EDM cityscape of Knockturn City, to the intensity of Jammin’ Jungle’s drum and bass. So players not only have to master the beat, they also have to do so throughout the over 140 songs of musical exploration.

Our goal with Soundfall was to create a visually and musically rich game that is deeply satisfying in both solo and co-op, an immersive, unique experience that appeals to casual and hardcore players alike. We’re so glad you’re playing.

Soundfall is coming to PS5 and PS4 this spring!

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