Retro Studios wasn’t the only developer working on the Metroid Prime remaster

Image: Nintendo

If you’re wondering how Nintendo was able to release a Metroid Prime remaster while the fourth main installment is still in development, it turns out it was a team effort.

The authors of Metroid Prime Remastered reveal that Retro Studios was assisted by Iron Galaxy, the same developer behind a number of other Switch ports such as The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Diablo III, and Overwatch. The American studio was also heavily involved in the development of the Xbox version of Killer Instinct.

In addition to Iron Galaxy, the remaster credits include a number of supporting studios: Airship Images Limited, Atomhawk Design, CGBot, Gamesim Inc, Liquid Development, Original Force LTD, Shanghai Mineloader Digital Technology, and Zombot Studio.

While it’s unclear how long this port has been in development, a number of the developers mentioned in the remaster appear to have started working at the studio in early 2019, right after the announcement that Retro would take over Metroid Prime 4’s development. years, some of the same developers left the studio. Retro also recruits regularly.

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