Retro platformer Castle of Pixel Skulls is now available


  • Pixel Skull Castle is a fun retro-style platformer filled with fun and crazy obstacles.
  • Complete difficult levels in a race against the clock to escape; will you have everything you need to survive?
  • Pixel Skill Castle Now Available For Xbox One And Xbox Series X | S.

Pixel Skull Castle is a dynamic and challenging platformer. The goal of each level is simple: get to the exit door while avoiding all enemies, traps and obstacles. The mechanics are very simple, you have only one action at your disposal – jump. This simplicity does not mean that it is simple, on the contrary, it is a very difficult game that requires all your experience to complete each level. Despite all this, the correct use and placement of the control points will ensure that the game does not end up disappointing.

Pixel Skull Castle this is one of the first games I have developed and I think it is one of the most fun games at the moment. A lot has been changed in this new version: the gameplay has been improved, the difficulty curve has been smoothed, the graphics have been changed to make it visually more appealing, and more levels have been added (their number has actually doubled), among other things. And all this thanks to the advice of the guys from 2Awesome Studio, whose experience and advice allowed Pixel Skull Castle improve significantly.

Pixel Skull Castle

Now a little about me: I’m Josep Monson, an independent video game developer. I started making games 11 years ago and my passion is making games that are fun. I’ve created many games over the years, but Pixel Skull Castle this is the one I am most proud of. I like to watch people play it and see their satisfaction as they go through a difficult level. I enjoy being involved in every development process: coding, drawing, design, etc. For me, game development is a work of art, and I think being actively involved in all aspects of development gives the final product a very personal touch. …

Pixel Skull Castle

I met the guys from 2Awesome Studio at a developer event and we forged a relationship that allowed me to pursue my dream of releasing a few of my games on consoles. I am really comfortable working with the whole team because of their proximity and professionalism.

Pixel Skull Castle

I can’t wait to see how people will love a game that has been designed in such an individual way, where every detail has been thought out to the smallest detail, so that the final experience is a pleasure. I hope you will like it!

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Pixel Skull Castle DX

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In Castle Of Pixel Skulls, you play as an animated skeleton waking up in a haunted castle. To escape, you need to overcome difficult levels full of enemies and traps, as well as race against the clock to complete the levels as quickly as possible. Thorns, fireballs, lava, synchronized platforms … everyone in this castle is trying to kill you – can you survive? Complete 40 intense and challenging levels in the perfect combination of fun and challenges that has been a staple of classic arcade games. Thoughtful movements, well-timed jumps and agility are your keys to success! The game offers a lot of replayability as you can replay the levels to try and beat your previous time. So hone your jumps, hone your dodges and try to beat the game in the least amount of time! | About the developer | I am an indie game developer, my name is Josep Monsonis Hernandez. I love making games that are simple, fun and well designed. The games of the 8-bit and 16-bit era inspire me the most. I love every aspect of the video game creation process: pixel art, coding, game design, and painting. I have worked on several indie games in the past – Castle Of Pixel Skulls is one of the last of my games to be developed for solo and has been in development for about a year.

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