Retro-Inspired Metroidvania ‘Haiku The Robot’ Gets New Game Mode In Mid-December Update

Remember back in September when it seemed like every game ever released right away? One such game that came to Switch during this period was Haiku the Robot, a post-apocalyptic metroidvania with an adorable protagonist who looked like he jumped off a GBA cartridge. The game is now receiving its first free content update on December 16and things get a lot more complicated.

The update will add a whole new style of play to Haiku with the introduction of “Corrupt Mode”. Much like the Steel Soul mode in Hollow Knight (only not as frustrating), this new challenge will have you exploring the other side of Arcadia with only one health point to your name. You get hit, you immediately return to your last save station (see? a lot of friendlier than Steel Soul).

Corrupt Mode will feature temporary health buffs, as well as the addition of two new train stations to a sprawling labyrinth map. Of course, this challenge won’t be available right away, as you’ll need to beat the main game before you can take it on. Okay, that’s fair.

Here’s a summary from the game’s developer, Mister Morris Games:

A new challenging game mode that offers a whole new experience of passing! Explore an alternate timeline of Arcadia with a twist – Haiku is a virus.

Now that the virus is spreading through your circuit board, you are more vulnerable with only one health point – if you die, you will respawn at the last open repair station.

Gathering a lot of positive feedback about cook for a couple and Switch, it was only a matter of time before this retro-inspired metroidvania became even more of a challenge. While we cannot guarantee success in the new mode, we are definitely up for the challenge.

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