Retro-inspired 2D platformer Jack ‘N’ Hat comes to Switch this week

Looking for a new platform game for the Switch? Well, maybe Jack ‘n’ Hat, which launches this Friday, can take the itch away.

Developed by 2Awesome Studio, the game is a retro 2D platform game in which players take on the role of Jack, a handyman repairman who is trying to save Princess Riri from (presumably evil) Dr. Wu Doom. . You will need to jump and slide through a variety of themed locations such as deserts, jungles and volcanoes, fighting tricky enemies and dangerous bosses along the way.

Here is a list of key features to tell you a little more:

– 20 fantastic levels with extra secret levels to unlock!
– Collect crystals, gems and stars. Can you get them all?
– Intense boss battles
– Unlockable abilities
– Catchy chiptune soundtrack
– Two different game modes: Retro and Modern (endless lives)
– 7-8 hours of gameplay

The Jack ‘n’ Hat will be available for $7.99 / £7.99 when it hits the online store this Friday.

Thinking to try? Let us know at the usual place.


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