Restore Missing Colors in the Surreal Colorful Puzzle Adventure Game



  • Discolored is a surreal, first-person, adventure puzzle game where all the colors are gone and it’s up to you to find them.
  • Explore and solve inventive puzzles to restore missing colors.
  • Discolored is available now on Xbox One.

In Discolored explore a strange and desolate roadside dinner at the end of an abandoned highway trying to restore the colors that have disappeared. The inspiration for this game comes from science fiction shows like “The Twilight Zone” and books by Ray Bradbury. I love how those stories have an otherworldly quality, giving a sense of mystery with a slight hint of something disturbing in the air. However, at the same time there is a sense of wonder as you experience the surreal nature of these worlds. I wanted to create something similar to the one with Discolored.

In the same way, the puzzles and the game of Discolored they also have a unique quality that can fall just outside the conventional rules of the modern world and require you to think outside the box. When you begin to restore color in the world, you will discover that certain elements must conform to the rules of each color. By keeping these rules in mind while collecting new items, and sometimes combining them together to solve puzzles, the world opens up more and you may even get the feeling that you are not alone in this dinner in the middle of the desert.


The minimalist art style of the game is largely influenced by traditional artists Edward Hopper and John Register whose paintings contain simple details, but it is in their extraordinary use of color and light that makes their worlds become live.


For the story, I wanted to approach it with the same minimalism. Taking inspiration from games like this Limbu and In Witness, there are hints here and there that reveal the story, but it’s also a narrative exercise in your mind where you start to fill in the blanks of what’s really going on. Make sure you find all the achievements to take all the suggestions of the story.


Discolored it was done mostly by myself over the course of two years. It was a fantastic experience to create it and I am honored to be able to bring it to Xbox One. I invite you to watch it and I hope you like it!

Xbox Live


Godbey Games LLC



$ 9.99

A lonely dinner on the road in the middle of the desert. Locals say it has lost all its color. You are sent to investigate. Coloring is a strange and surreal puzzle adventure, which takes place in two or more hours in a desolate place. Your mission: to restore color in this once vibrant world. What made the colors disappear? How can they be recovered? As you explore, you will solve a series of inventive puzzles and discover a selection of clues – they will lead you to discover the deepest secrets of this strange place at the end of an abandoned highway. Features: Fused first-person exploration with an intricate and inventive puzzle solution A unique environment that changes and expands as you play An extraordinary, relaxed aesthetic with a beautiful haunting soundtrack Designed to be experienced in a single session – reproducible in two- or so hours

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