Report Claims FIFA wants EA to “more than double” for license


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FIFA is one of the world’s most popular video game brands, the acclaimed soccer series has been sold in the millions every year since its inception back in 1993.

This is why it was so shocking to hear that EA was “exploring the idea of ​​renaming” the franchise; Why would you change the name of such a recognizable brand? It’s good if the report New York Times right, this is due to a fairly predictable reason: Money

The publication reports that the current ten-year deal between EA and FIFA will expire next year, and as of this writing, they are trying to clarify details of what the new deal will entail. FIFA – which stands for the International Federation of Football Associations, in case you’re wondering – reportedly requires “more than double” the cost of a license; this will generate “more than $ 1 billion for every four-year World Cup cycle.”

It might sound greedy, but it’s worth noting that since the last deal was signed back in 2012, the mechanics of how EA makes money from FIFA have changed dramatically. FIFA Ultimate Team, which focuses on in-game microtransactions, makes up the bulk of the $ 1.62 billion EA made it into all Ultimate Team modes across all of its sports games in 2021. Back in 2015, that figure was $ 587 million.


FIFA will naturally be aware of this – and the rise in esports events featuring the video game brand FIFA – and understandably believes that the name is now more valuable to EA than it was in 2012, when the previous version of the agreement was in effect. … signed.

There is another sticking point on this topic: the two companies cannot agree on what exactly the new deal should cover. EA wants to expand its use of the FIFA license to cover the aforementioned video game tournaments, as well as consider new digital products such as the NFT. However, FIFA is also keen to explore these possibilities – but on its own terms and not through the EA series.

The end result could be that no agreement has been reached, and that EA is doing exactly what it says it is considering and renaming one of the most famous video game franchises of all time – which means we can see the future, in which neither PES nor FIFA exists in the form of video games.

However, considering what we gave FIFA 22 infamous 2/10, maybe most Switch fans aren’t particularly worried about it; Regardless of the name on the box, the 2022 version of the game is likely to be an outdated version for the Nintendo console anyway.

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