Repent, for Isaac’s nearness is near

Isaac’s Binding: RepentanceThe definitive edition of the game that changed the roguelike genre is now available for Xbox Series X | S. Watch the trailer for some highlights:

It doesn’t matter if you are a newcomer to the world of Isaac or a longtime player – Repentance loaded with secret surprises that keep it fresh every time you enter its maze-like dungeons. Xbox Series X Version | S has all the features of previous versions. Isaac games and lots of brand new ones: over 320 enemy types, over 100 boss characters, 22,000 different room designs … the list goes on!

One of the things fans love Isaac’s sacrifice this is an incredible collection of items and trinkets that Isaac can find. Repentance there are over 900 of them and they all have different functions. Will they help or hinder your progress? It all depends on which ones you are lucky enough to find, and which ones you are smart enough to leave behind. Many items have “stackable” features that can quickly turn a tricky run into the irresistible madness of firing two sticks!

Isaac's Binding: Repentance Screenshot

The biggest surprise for Isaac fans? Repentance has 34 different playable characters: 17 unique protagonists plus an alternate “flawed” version of each of them. You will have to complete several challenging game challenges to unlock them all, but once you do, you can start each new race with completely different starting items and abilities.

Isaac's Binding: Repentance Screenshot

So, to recap: super fun gameplay, incredible variety, incredible replayability, super deep lore and backstory, amazing soundtrack, true 4 player co-op, and tons of stuff I’m sure I have. forgot to mention. Try Isaac’s Binding: Repentance, the game you will never stop playing!

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Isaac’s Binding: Repentance

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USD 59.99

Pray for repentance and be reborn The Binding of Isaac: Repentance is the definitive edition of the award-winning 2-stick roguelike shooter. It includes all of the content from previous installments of The Binding of Isaac (Rebirth, Afterbirth, and Afterbirth +), as well as Repentance, the game’s latest and greatest expansion, adding hundreds of additional new features, modes and improvements. Experience modern classics like never before! GAME DEFINING GENRE. When Isaac’s mother begins to hear the voice of God, demanding a sacrifice to prove her faith, Isaac flees to a dark and dangerous basement. There, he encounters hordes of crazy monsters, lost brothers and sisters, his fears and, ultimately, the creature that gave him life. In Repentance, with new final bosses and animated endings, the final chapter of the Isaac saga! UNLIMITED PLAYBACK The Binding of Isaac: Repentance is a randomly generated action / RPG / shooter with heavy roguelike elements that can result in gameplay for thousands of hours. Following Isaac on his journey, players will discover bizarre treasures that reshape Isaac, endowing him with superhuman powers and allowing him to battle hordes of mysterious creatures, discover secrets, and make his way to a safe path.

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