Remember Pokémon Smile? He just got his first update

Pokémon has developed quite a few bizarre side effects over time – remember the amazingly decent Learn With Pokémon: Typing Adventure game on the Nintendo DS? – but none of them ranked as high on the “we didn’t expect it” scale as Pokémon Smile.

Pokémon Smile is a smartphone app released last year designed to encourage kids to brush their teeth regularly and properly by catching Pokémon. As a major and serious gaming media outlet, we actually shared a post-release review of the app, praising its delightful design and fun actions, but criticizing its rather tough tracking technology.

The app received its first update over the weekend, which included bug fixes, Pokémon added and some features tweaked. Newly added Pokémon are Smeargle, Ludicolo, Mime Jr. and Dedenne, and the application patch notes can be found below:

– Added additional Pokémon and Pokémon hats.
– The “Cleaning Session Duration” and “Make In-Game Images” options in the “Cleaning Settings” menu can now be configured separately for each user on the device.
– Error correction.

We’ll leave a trailer for the game for you in case this is all new to you. Just look at how cute Pokemon are …

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