Reimagining Old Mega Man games with new graphics


Mega Man from Mega Man DOS

For some time Owls creator Simon S. Andersen is working on a personal project in which he takes on some old and little-known Mega man games and gives them a fresh, albeit unplayable, coat of paint.

Specifically, he looked at the PC versions Mega Man 1 & 3that looked like shit and were very strange because the Mega Man 3 on PC was a separate sequel that never came out on consoles and never was Mega Man 2 on a PC to precede this

Taking them as inspiration, he came up with something new, and like anyone who has ever played or even seen Owls could probably predict, it looks incredible.

As a hobby project, I was making mock-ups of a game that would combine two games into one, initially using the limitations of the NES. I’ve been doing this long enough for the redesign to become an established form of game in many circles and spawned several additional projects from third parties.

However, looking at my old layouts, I always felt that I could do a lot more if I weren’t limited to running on NES hardware. So I reworked the whole setup from scratch with no limits. Here is the result. I was aiming to find a solution somewhere between SNES and PSX. Widescreen SNES. Sound effects are based on compressed MM and R&F samples.

This is one of the most “as I remember, these games looked different from what they actually looked” that I have ever seen. Sorry, before you get too excited and wonder when exactly you can play it, or at least something similar to this, please note that this is not a game in development, it is just a project that Andersen is having fun on.


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