Reggie: Nintendo was working on a device similar to the Xbox adaptive controller

Image: Xbox

Accessibility is something that needs a lot more attention in the video game space, and one company helping to make people more aware of this is Microsoft’s gaming division at Xbox.

The team released the Xbox Adaptive Controller in 2018 as well as published recommendations to help developers and publishers make their games more accessible.

According to former Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aimé, Nintendo allegedly had plans to use the Xbox adaptive controller as “the starting point for building something that is platform independent and can be adapted by any consumer.”through reverse).

He’s not sure if the project is still in development, but it was supposed to be another “adaptive controller” that could be played on any of the latest platforms:

“Imagine an adaptive controller that you could play with on your latest Xbox, PlayStation or Nintendo platform. This is what we were working on three years ago… I hope the work continues. I’m not sure if it exists or not… But I also hope that the controller – and that controller’s ability to connect to all the different systems – will be launched and made available to consumers as soon as possible.”

Since the release of the Xbox Adaptive Controller, there have been many sweet stories associated with this device.

In one case, the controller allowed an inspiring girl to play Animal Crossing on the Switch. Third party accessory makers such as Hori have also released their own dedicated devices.

Do you think the gaming industry is doing enough when it comes to accessibility? Would you like to see Nintendo do more in this area of ​​gaming? Leave your thoughts below.

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