Realm Royale is now reforged

Royal Realm is back and better than ever Realm Royale reforged! Years after its seemingly final renewal, Royal Realm The community has continued to support and rally behind the game, never losing hope that a revival is just around the corner. This passion has not gone in vain. Region returns, bringing with it the same game veterans know and love, as well as introducing exciting new elements that fans old and new alike will love.

Over the past few months, our small team of passionate Region The developers have been hard at work in the forge to give players a fresh, new experience, and it’s time to showcase what you can expect from our team in our first update!

Everything in the class

Classes are the main aspect of gameplay in Royal Realm. Each class has its own unique perks to help support your play style. Choosing and mastering your class is the key to victory and Realm Royale reforged, we’ve overhauled the class system to give players a meaningful class identity. Some abilities and weapons are now specific to your class, giving players more flexibility in how they can shape their gameplay. Hunters can swing through the air using their grappling hook, and mages can use the power of fire (or ice!) to crush their enemies. If you need to find loot for a specific class, look for new class chests that are guaranteed to always contain abilities or weapons that only your chosen class can equip.


By popular demand, the armor is back in the Realm, replacing the previous rune system. Armor comes in different rarities and can be picked up, equipped, and reforged during gameplay. Each piece of armor you equip will give you unique buffs like movement speed or health regeneration. Book as much as you like and get a royal crown!

New abilities and weapons

In addition to bringing back class and armor uniqueness, the development team has been hard at work creating new abilities and weapons designed to make gameplay more exciting and fun. Deceive your enemies as an Assassin with the new Decoy ability, or summon the new Fireball ability as a Mage to blast your way to a flawless victory. If you want to stick to the basics, equip the new versatile automatic sniper rifle and shoot enemies one by one. The paths to victory are endless Realm Royale reforged.

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Free swag

To celebrate graduation Realm Royale reforged, players will have access to a variety of new free content. As a thank you to the longtime Realm community, the OG Pack will be gifted to all veterans upon logging into the game. Royal Realm. This pack includes 4 class skins, avatars, a chicken skin, a loading screen and graffiti. For newcomers, the Forged in Fire Bundle will be available for free for a limited time and will unlock brand new cosmetic items such as the Phoenix Chicken Skin and Skydiving Skin, as well as several fire skins and avatars.

All this and more awaits you in the Kingdom in our first update available to play, starting today! Mount on horseback and receive the King’s crown in Realm Royale reforged – play for free today!

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Realm Royale reforged

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Realm Royale is back in Realm Royale: Reforged! We’ve turned back the clock to bring back some of our favorite features like armor, stricter class separation, and more gear options. And you can also discover all new abilities, weapons and more in the fantasy world you know and love. CHOOSE THE WAY TO PLAY Choose your class, acquire fantastic weapons and magical abilities, and work with your squad to win. Stay ahead of the deadly fog as you climb up and out. Will you be the last champion? THE ULTIMATE TEAM ROYALE Call your friends, it’s time to pack up. Help your team by throwing a healing totem or launching a flare into the sky to detect incoming enemies. Working together as a team, the royal crown can be yours. Master amazing abilities Discover powerful abilities scattered around the world. Soar through the sky while casting spells or turn quickly with the grappling hook. Outflank the enemy with stealthy bait and leave a Proximity Mine behind you so they can spot it when it’s too late. Customize your champion in each game, equipping them with abilities that best suit the battle ahead. BUILD LEGENDARY WEAPONS Go traditional with shotguns and snipers, or go fantasy with ice staffs, axes and crossbows. If you want to win, you’ll need to use the forges scattered around the world to craft powerful abilities, epic gear, or even bring back your fallen teammates. But be careful: while you are crafting, your enemies can attack. RIDE AND EXPLORE Journey through the dense jungle of Jaguar Claws and the scorched sands of Goblin Pass. Visit the cold Permafrost and the iridescent Mushroom Forest. The best part is that you don’t have to walk around this vast Kingdom. Simply summon your steed to outrun the mist and head into your next glorious battle! SURVIVE LIKE A CHICKEN Death is not the end of the Kingdom. When someone attacks you, you will turn into a chicken. Dodge your enemies long enough and you’ll come back ready to get back into the fight! Survive, beat your opponents and claim the royal crown!

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