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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Season 5, released this week, features an adventurous new theme that invites players on a super colorful jungle ride … but not everything is as it seems! Ratchet and Clank broke through the rift at Blunderdome and decided to stay and host two time-limited events; special opportunities for players to unlock unique costumes and rewards, just in season five. We’ve teamed up with PlayStation to let you know what to expect in this multi-dimensional leaping extravaganza and provided an artistic take on how the team created Insomniac Games’ iconic life duo … bean-shaped!

Creating a component …

Creating Fall Guys costumes based on well-established characters such as Ratchet and Clank is always a fun and challenging creative challenge. As a team of artists, we always want to make sure our creations resemble an autumn guy in a suit – as if our little beans are protecting and cosplaying the character, not “becoming” him.

Our goal is to reflect this in the experience of our players. Of course, the player can choose a costume just because it looks cool, which is great! But we hope a lot of people choose the costume because they love the characters as much as we do and want to showcase their fandom to the world by expressing themselves in Blunderdome.

Concept art created by the Fall Guys when they started imagining what Ratchet and Clank could look like in bean form.

Bringing Ratchet and Clank to Blunderdup

When choosing characters to collaborate with Fall Guys, one of the determining factors is the question of themselves; “Do we think this is cool?” We’re big fans of games as well as artists, so if there is no passion behind our selection, we will never get the results that Fall Guys players deserve.

Once it was possible to create both Ratchet and Clank in bean form, the decision was never questioned; we all wanted to do it! On a personal level, as a lead artist, Ratchet and Clank are true benchmarks. The games they play show such ambition, and the artwork has always amazed me. As characters, they are instantly recognizable and lovable, so this immediately seemed like a great opportunity to me.

Fall Guy peeks out of his Clank suit, which is in development, as the 3D team begins to work wonders.

As thrilled as we were, bringing the Ratchet and Clank suits to the Fall Guys presented our art team with a classic design puzzle. How do you take iconic characters and wrap them around a bob to make them feel like Autumn Boyfriend while still being true to the source material?

How to make a Lombax bob ?!

Luckily, we practice this pretty well with a few Fall Guys co-costumes under our belt, and we have a basic set of rules to follow. They tell you how much of the base Fall Guy needs to remain visible, and most importantly, how the suit can be split into a top and bottom for combining with other costumes (it’s safe to say that we love seeing surreal, creative player costumes combo! )

The Fall Guys 3D team then brings the Ratchet costume concepts to life.

Once these constraints are in place, we start with our first concepts, test the shapes, and experiment with the details we need to include that really showcase the essence of characters like Ratchet and Clank. It’s a tricky process to make sure Ratchet Lombax’s typical ears and Clank’s stocky robotic features are right for the Blunderdome! There’s a little bit of controversy between our artists and the lovely Insomniac Games team as we work together to agree on a design that we both can be proud of (they’re super cool, so this part is really simple!)

We then bring these concepts into our super talented 3D team to run the game models, and after a few more steps … here we are! Two stunning costumes and loads of cosmetic jewelry that we believe blend the spirit and iconic look of Ratchet and Clank through the filter of our silly and slightly awkward Fall Guys. We absolutely can’t wait for you to pick them up! Here’s how …

Teleport to the limited-time Ratchet and Clank events!

In this interdimensional crossover, Fall Guys players will face special challenges from the galaxy’s grandest duo in two rocket-fueled, time-limited events. In them, you will race against the clock to unlock a dazzling array of costumes, banners, emotes and other cosmetic decorations, both Ratchet and Clank!

The limited-time Ratchet event runs from July 26th to August 1st.

The Ratchet Limited Time Event brings a full week of special challenges from the hot heroic Lombax with an exclusive opportunity to unlock.

  • Ratchet Banner: 600 Points
  • Lombax Pattern: 1000 Points
  • Ratchet suit (bottom): 1600 points
  • Groovitron Emote: 2000 points
  • Ratchet suit (top): 3200 points

Clank Limited Time Event is set for August 6-15.

Clank offers players a new set of challenges and many exclusive futuristic rewards, including …

  • Clank Banner: 600 Points
  • Clank Pattern: 1000 Points
  • Clank Suit (bottom): 1600 points
  • Clank laugh emote: 2000 points
  • Clank Suit (Top): 3200 points

Plus, if you complete both events, you’ll receive an ultra-special banner featuring the new Lombax Resistance fighter, Rivets!

Ratchet and Clank Explode in Fall Guys for Limited Time Events and Unique Rewards

Dive into the fifth season of Fall Guys!

Time-limited events are just one facet of Fall Guys Season 5 Jungle Adventure. This major update fills the Blunderdome with glittering pools, tropical penguins, and even the mysterious Lost Temple to explore, spread across many dazzling new rounds filled with fresh mechanics and our signature ridiculous obstacles.

Stumble now on …

  • Six new rounds – From ferocious rhinos to many dangerous trails and sprawling frogs – we have half a dozen new rounds to test your bean agility!
  • Team goals – Join your friends to battle the Blunderdome, including limited-time Duos and Trios shows.
  • Costumes – Lots of new looks for the trendiest (or outrageous!) Bobs.
  • Even more time-limited activities – More chances to take on special challenges and unlock unique goodies.
  • Smoother stumbling – Many fixes and improvements for optimal acrobatic skiing.

From me and the entire Fall Guys team, we welcome you on this journey to the heart of the new jungle dome. And for anyone willing to jump over the crevasse in search of Ratchet and Clank Limited Time Event treats? Get ready for the start!

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