Rare Street Fighter II Anime Finally Translated Into English

Gif: Street Fighter II – Return to Capital Fujiwara

In 1995, a large exhibition was held in Nara dedicated to the first capital of Japan, Fujiwara. Sponsors and partners who helped include Capcom, who took the trouble to launch the 27-minute Street Fighter II the film, which at the time was only available on VHS at the venue.

Titled Street Fighter II: Return to the Capital Fujiwara, they quickly forgot about it – I heard about it for the first time! Street Fighter wiki speaks, in subsequent years he “remained almost completely unknown.”

From now on, the “plot” sees the choice of actors Street Fighter II invited to check out E. Honda’s new special move. Instead, the four fighters – Honda, Ryu, Ken, and Chun-Li – somehow ended up being transported 1,300 years ago to Fujiwara.

While you might expect this to be preparation for street fighting, it’s actually just an excuse to get some Street Fighter characters strolling through the bustling capital, learning about its past and its significance in Japan’s civil and political history.

Even when it’s short was dug up by Capcom, as a bonus DVD for Street fighter’s 15th anniversary in Japan, it remained largely anonymous to Western fans of the series as it was not translated into English.

So thank you very much SFII Yomigaeru Fujiwara-kyo, who received one of those DVDs, translated everything into English for all of us to enjoy.

What I did exactly! The short is predominantly educational, given that it was made for this reason at all, but it also has fantastic animation of the mid-90s resembles the more famous Street Fighter II animated features.

You can check it out below. And if you want to see a clearer overview Street Fighter II anime, you can check it out here

Thanks Richmond!

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