Random: Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Player finds Divine Beast’s trick and then fails spectacularly

Image: Nintendo

Nearly five years after the release of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, players are still figuring out how to do things they’re not really meant to do with the game’s amazingly robust physics mechanics.

We already knew about the usefulness of Octo Balloons – the stuff that drops from Octoroks – which can be used to make things fly temporarily. Attach them to bombs, then use the Korok Leaf to blast the bombs into something, or attach them to rafts to create a skyship; or, as this player did (called “Yeef” on YouTube), use them to make the log fly vertically.

You can then climb to the top of the log, and as long as you have more octo balloons, you can just keep climbing, adjusting the number of octo balloons to reach the desired height.

What else would you do with a floating vertical log? Go and find the bird-shaped divine beast, Wah Medoh, sooner than you should, of course!

Except, as Yif says, the game developers weren’t ready for this technique. After all this preparation, you will reach Vah Medoh and… fail. There doesn’t seem to be collision detection on the bird, so it’s impossible to land.

Trying to get close to other Divine Beasts earlier than you should have similar effects: Vah Ruta knocks you back with a shield, Vah Naboris shoots lightning at you, Vah Rudania blows you off a volcano (and even if you get past it, there’s an invisible wall at the end), and if you try to climb the pillar in Rito village earlier than you have to, you will be attacked by chickens.

Perhaps the developers we still ready, and the protective forces of the bird simply “cease to exist.”


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