Random: Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Player Combines Raft And Bicycle To Make A ‘Motor Boat’


Update: As announced in the comments (thanks, Tim_Vreeland), this Master Cycle Zero / Raft combination was first discovered and tested some time ago by several intrepid BOTW players. We obviously missed it at the time, but we inserted a popular example at the bottom of the article. Happy boatin ‘!

Someone who has never played Zelda. Breath of the Wild you will surely notice the various rafts placed on the shores around the kingdom of Hyrule. Personally, we never spent much time with them – too slow for our tastes – but it was entirely possible to navigate through the water with a Korok leaf to push you and your ship.

Well, things have become a little easier, or at least faster. Twitter user Aycellin discovered that by sinking the rear wheel of the Master Cycle Zero from the back of a raft, you could transform your bike into an improvised amphibious vehicle and accelerate through the water in no time.

Now our Frenchman is almost good enough to order a coffee and a croissant in a Parisian café (while arousing walking looks from the waiter, it must be said), then in the original tweet showing the “motor boat” has shown little beyond our ability to translate. Fortunately, the included “instructional” video makes things pretty clear, but using the magical powers of Google’s integrated translation tool from Twitter, we were able to decipher exactly what Aycellin says:

I attached an engine to the raft in it #ZeldaBreathoftheWild I will explain the procedure. Basically, I just wanted to take my motorcycle on vacation, but I soon found a suggestion provided by the developers that seems to motorize this little boat.#zelda#zeldabotw# trick 2021

As you can see, with a few careful maneuvers of your Zero Master Cycle, you can transform any old raft into a suitable boat with an on-board motor (bicycle). Handily, no mods are employed here, which also means you can go boating with your copy of the game – assuming you’ve completed the DLC and got the bike, of course.

This is just the latest in a very long line of interesting things that has been discovered in “the game that continues to give”. We discovered it recently you can ride on barrels, and all sorts of failures have been discovered that allow you to ‘breaks’ the game in fascinating ways.

Let us know below if you have been successful in transforming your common raft or garden variety into a motor boat.



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