Random: YouTube now has a fully animated Ace Attorney musical

Did you know there is an unofficial Ace Attorney musical? We can’t believe that we are only simply find out about it because it’s been since 2007. 2007!!!

However, it turns out that this could be the perfect time to learn about Turn: The Musical “The Best Lawyer”because the 90-minute first act of the musical was posted on YouTube for the 15th anniversary of the project – November 25, 2022.

The first act covers the first case of the first Ace Attorney game, in which Larry Butz is acquitted of the murder of Cindy Stone, and the second case, in which Maya Fey is acquitted of her sister’s murder, a horrifying continuation of Wright’s original victory. It included songs such as “Justice For All”, “The Objection Song” and “Redd White And You”.

The musical is fully animated using sprites, backgrounds, and text boxes from the game, but with an original script and soundtrack based on the characters’ personalities and events from the game.

Unfortunately, the release of Act One coincided with some bad news – the production company behind the virtual but live version of the musical has announced that they need funds after stepping down from previous management. They are currently raising these funds online and you can donate to the cause here.

Have you ever been a dedicated Ace Attorney Musical fan? Let us know in the comments!

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