Random: You’ll love walking in the rain with these Super Mario umbrellas

Image: Store VPK

Rain can be pretty depressing, right? Sure, incredible downpours are often quite exciting, especially if you’re inside warm and cozy, but if you live in certain parts of the world (hello to our temperate homies), the incessant drizzle during the spring and fall months can be depressing, if not say more.

However, this is not required! If you live in Japan or don’t mind importing goods, the WPC store now has some stunning Super Mario themed umbrellas in partnership with Nintendo. There are four designs to choose from, including a classic underwater level from Super Mario Bros., a block border design, a logo design, and a design with various character and object sprites.

Naturally, the underwater themed umbrella is probably our favorite of the four options because it just makes sense, right? Watching the water run down the umbrella as you walk in the rain, you can imagine that you are right in the middle of an underwater level! Insert the theme song into Spotify and you’re done (wait, you can’t).

Umbrellas can be ordered now for the relatively reasonable price of 1,980 yen (approximately $15) at Store VPK or through Amazon. You can get them with international shipping from the links below.

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What do you think of these Super Mario umbrella designs? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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