Random: You can use your Switch Joy-Cons as a Wii touchpad replacement

Image: Damien McFerran/Nintendo Life

This week the good people on our video team have been looking into 2023 and making predictions about what’s to come. These thoughts ranged from likely (more Mario Kart 8 Deluxe DLC) to slightly less likely (part-time sequel to UFO) and we’ve attached the full video at the bottom of this article for you to watch – because we’re so cute.

It was during a discussion on the more unlikely side of events that Felix suggested porting Wii games to the Nintendo Switch Online library and using nothing more than Switch Joy-Cons as a spare Wii Remote sensor (the OG sensor was nothing more than two infrared LEDs, after all) . Fortunately, @TuAmigoRoberto_ there was a case to test this theory on twitter and you know what? It really works!

It’s not just the case that you slap your Joy-Con and go straight to Wii Sports – as stated in the above tweet, you have to set them all up first (using the Game Builder Garage in this case) – but it’s a pretty neat solution to everything. same.

Browsing this very topic, it seems that there are many other options which you can use to get Joy-Cons that pick up your Wii movements, including the Nintendo Labo: Variety Kit. Of course, there’s also the classic candle replacement (if you’re that old school).

We may add that none of this means that Nintendo is considering bringing Wii games to NSO subscribers in the near future. This, as they say, shows that if such a suggestion was made, we wouldn’t have to worry about digging through our tangled pile of wires to resurrect the Wii sensor again.

Remember, if you want to hear more predictions from us, watch the following video to hear all of our hopes and dreams for 2023:

Have you tried this Switcheroo? Let us know about it in the comments!

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