Random: You can now play Pokémon Crystal inside someone’s Twitter avatar

Twitch Plays Pokémon has a lot to answer for. What started out as a silly experiment to see if the hive mind could play an old game has evolved into a whole genre of gameplay: weird Pokemon games, the latest of which is the Pokemon inside a Twitter avatar. If this continues, we will be playing Pokémon on the Mushroom Network by 2030.

Constantin Lietar, the creator of Pokémon Red-inside-a-Twitter-avatar from Montreal, just announced that his latest project, Pokémon Crystal-inside-a-Twitter-avatar, is now ready to play. At the time of this writing, the player character is just about to pick their first starter.

You can join the game by commenting on the announcing tweet, to which there are already hundreds of replies:

It took Pokémon Red just 40 days to surpass Twitter, with over 90,000 comments instructing the player character on what to do. We hope Pokémon Crystal can set a new highscore!

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