Random: This Zelda: Breath Of The Wild 3D Embroidery is Sew Cool


Embroidery is very much cool now. Maybe it’s the pandemic, maybe it’s just that we are all desperate to find a skill that will make us feel creative in an era where our creativity is constantly monetized and transformed into work. Or maybe it’s just that doing things with beautiful thread colors is fun! Who knows!

One of the most exciting trends in embroidery is the 3D effect – which makes art seem to be more than just yarn on fabric. It’s an extremely difficult technique that requires a lot of skill, and embroidery is already quite complicated as it is, but artist and thread teacher syd.stitch he closed it.

Syd.stitch’s work includes many anime references, especially to Studio Ghibli’s works – she’s sewing scenes from Away Spirit, Castle in the sky, and Castle in Howl Transfer – but she says that “I embroider the stories we love, ”which includes as well The Legend of Zelda: Lament of the Wild.

The first piece of Zelda she released was a landscape, showing BOTW’s iconic Dueling Peaks:

His latest piece is a wonderful recreation of Lake of Love, but instead of introducing the game’s lovers, Wabbin and Lose, the person looking in the pond is Link. And who will love Link? His friends, the Champions of his past. Sorry while we do a little crying.



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