Random: This New Japanese Pokemon Show Has a Real Pikachu Car

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Pokémon is a franchise with a staggering array of spin-off games, merchandise, movies, and, of course, TV shows. There’s also a lot going on in the West that is passing us by, of course with a new show announced for Japanese TV that could be quite funny.

This is a variety show called “Pokemon to Doko Iku!?”, which will have an abbreviated title PokeDoco and will begin work in April. More importantly, he has a Pikachu machine, which you can call Pi-kar-chu, Pikarchu, or whatever you want.

We’ll let the good people in Siliconra explain the premise of the show.

PokeDoco focus on travel related Pokemon franchise. According to the description of the show, the hosts will go to the meeting Pokemon fans all over the world. The program will also feature a uniquely shaped car modeled after Pikachu.

Shoko Nakagawa, who regularly visited the previous Pokemon variety show, will return to PokeDoco like a navigator. She will accompany the host, Ryogo Matsumaru, and the driver of the vehicle, Abareru-kun. The show will also feature another popular Japanese celebrity. TV Tokyo will reveal the identity of the latter at a later date.

This timeline may have its downsides, but cars in the shape of iconic playable characters are definitely an asset.

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