Random: This Forgotten ‘Touch Me Tour’ Tent Proves Nintendo Wasn’t 100% Family Friendly in the DS Era

Image: Robin Hosgood

Nintendo has always had a reputation for being a family-friendly brand, ever since the NES days, when the firm carefully censored many of its games to ensure they weren’t likely to cause offence. While the company’s stance may have softened over the years of the GameCube, by the time the DS arrived, Nintendo was poised to enter a new era of family marketing – and the results speak for themselves: the DS has sold over 150 million units worldwide.

Anyway, Game room “Slopes” unearthed one commercial from the period that was overtly mature in tone and at odds with the typical Nintendo stance. In Great Britain ‘Download’ At the 2005 Heavy Metal Festival, which featured the likes of Black Sabbath, My Chemical Romance, Billy Idol, Motörhead, Slipknot and Megadeth, Nintendo set up a tent as part of their “Touch Me” tour to promote the Touch Me DS console. screen.

There were demo capsules inside where festival goers could sample the latest DS games, but one of the tent’s main attractions was the open mic section, where attendees were encouraged to stand up and tell jokes, and the results were broadcast outside of the tent. yourself, but also outside through the big screen.

As you can imagine, the jokes told by drunken and rather noisy rock fans have nothing to do with Nintendo’s usual marketing stance, and it is said that the people behind the counter had access to a button designed to interrupt the game. sound if any of the jokes have taken an “adult” turn (spoiler: most of them did). Surprisingly, however, Nintendo made no attempt to remove the open mic section from the tent during the three days it was in use, so it was clear whoever was in charge had no major issues with it.

Indeed, while it’s tempting to call this an ill-conceived PR stunt on Nintendo’s part, it seems that whoever pitched the tent was fully aware of what was about to happen. On one side of the tent is “Bear”, a rough character created for Lee Francis’ late-night sketch show. Bo Selecta.

Surprisingly, there is no footage of the inside of the tent online. If you attended Download that year, let us know in the comments – perhaps you had the courage to step on stage and tell one of your best (worst) jokes?

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