Random: These fan-made Pokemon bookmarks will chew on your favorite novels

Image: The Pokémon Company

It’s no surprise that at Nintendo Life we ​​love Pokemon, but like many part-time trainers, we also love good books. It’s often hard to connect these two worlds, but these Pokemon bookmarks are from Moco Workshop Etsy manages to do just that.

As noted on Twitter @PokemonBeWillinSeeing your favorite Pokémon take a bite out of your page is everything an avid reader/Nintendo fan can dream of! With examples ranging from Charizard to Gyarados, we’re seriously impressed by the creativity put into these designs.

There’s nothing worse than getting sand in your book, but Sandshrew? We certainly could handle it. There are some simpler designs like Wobbuffet, Teddiursa and Totodile, but others like Samurott, Sylveon and Moltres take things to the next level.

There are 23 different designs to choose from in total, and we’ve included all the links you need below. For those of you who tend to carry multiple books around with you (like some of us), this is the perfect excuse to build a team of perfect Pokemon bookmarks.

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Mokobunswhich owns Moko’s Maker has also made other Pokémon merchandise in the past.

Which bookmark will be your starting bookmark? Let us know your lineup in the comments below!

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