Random: These fan-made EarthBound dioramas are available for purchase on your nerd shelf

Image: Mizutani

Being a fan of the Mother series can be a little tricky sometimes, but we can be sure that we have at least some of the best merchandise and fan art. And this latest creation is both!

Created by artist Mizutani, each of the eight EarthBound dioramas you can buy is based on an iconic piece from the game, from Giant Step to Pink Cloud, and is made from acrylic and PVC. Each costs 3,080 yen (tax included, not including shipping from Japan), which works out to about $22.50 / £19.00.

And now some beautiful images:

Image: Mizutani
Image: Mizutani

The dioramas will be released on August 8th. An interview with Mizutani can be read here.though keep in mind that it’s in Japanese.

Which one would you buy? Let us know in the comments!

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