Random: The switch on Phil Spencer’s shelf was a gift from Nintendo

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Remember the Nintendo Switch that was introduced on Phil Spencer shelf a while ago? Well, the Xbox Chief has now revealed that he was actually present from Nintendo of America president Doug Bowser, and the rest of the team.

Phil revealed this information during a recent appearance in the Kinda Funny Gamescast. As we all know, Microsoft and Nintendo live on the road to each other in the United States and maintain friendly relations. Here is exactly what he had to say please Pure Xbox:

“The Switch was a gift from Nintendo. Doug Bowser and the team are obviously right on top of the hill by us – we’re both in Redmond, Washington – and it was a gift from them. I have another one that I used to play in home, but it was the one they gave me soon when it was launched. So that’s where it comes from. “

While it’s not said to be some sort of teaser, past comments have suggested that ”almost everything“on Phil’s shelf is a suggestion of some kind.

Although there doesn’t seem to be anything in the works, the most recent collaboration between the two companies would be Bethesda Skyrim Dragonborn character (now owned by Xbox) who appears in Smash Ultimate at the end of last month as a Mii Fighter costume.

Want to see Nintendo and Microsoft work together in the future? Do you think this Switch on Phil’s side could tease anything? Share your thoughts below.


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