Random: Sorry GameCube, LeBron James prefers Nintendo 64

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King James, also known as Los Angeles Lakers player LeBron James, recently did a Q&A on Twitter, and it’s no surprise that the basketball superstar has been asked several video game questions.

In particular, one of the questions that has already attracted a lot of attention on social networks is the question from technology YouTuber SpawnWave – who asked him which of the GameCube and Nintendo 64 systems he liked best.

Fans of the 37-year-old actor will no doubt be interested to know what it is…drumroll… N64 in 1996. This generated all sorts of responses from Nintendo and the wider video game community on that platform. It is worth noting that at one time the N64 was the better known system with over 32 million units sold. In comparison, the GameCube sold just over 21 million units.

LeBron also mentioned how he was on some “Madden”, talked about his favorite films (Arrival 2 America, Godfather and more) and revealed that Ken Griffey Jr. was his favorite athlete outside of basketball. He also recently celebrated Liverpool win the FA Cup.

You can check out LeBron’s full Q&A with fans on Twitter and see it in action on Nintendo Switch in NBA 2K22. Which system would you choose between GameCube and Nintendo 64? Tell us below.

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