Random: Smash Fan Celebrates Shantae Mii Hunting Costume With Stage Custom Lighthouse

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One of the highlights in Nintendo’s world this week was the arrival of the Tekken fighter Kazuya in Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Alongside him, Masahiro Sakurai revealed four new Mii Fighter suits – one of which was Shantae, a character that has been in demand from their respective fanbase for quite some time now. If you missed it, co-creator Matt Bozon thanked fans everywhere for showing their support:

Celebrations of the Shantae Mii Fighter costume in Smash don’t stop there. He looks like a fan on Twitter known as @ myoouandmii2 it has now gone to the extent of creating a Shantae-themed level. It is based on the faru, which is the home of Shantae. It is apparently as well better with the included music tracks that comes with this custom Mii Fighter DLC:

The ID you need to download this level from the Smash Bros. online menu is: Q7M12YPL. Here’s what the lighthouse looks like in Shantae’s games, in case you’re wondering:

We also saw a fresh recreation of Scuttle Town and a few other levels. Do you enjoy playing as Shantae Mii Fighter since her arrival earlier this week? What about the new hunter Kazuya? Leave a comment below.


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