Random: Slime Biscuits Celebrate Dragon Quest In Crunchy Style


© Armor Project / Bird Studio / Square Enix

Japan has quite a few regional dishes – Tokyo Banana, for example – and it’s traditional to buy beautifully packaged boxes of these sweet treats to take home to family and friends as souvenirs.

In Fukuoka, one of these delicacies is Niwaka Senpei, a thin, crunchy cookie with eyes on it and a small slit for the nose, so you can wear it as a mask – it’s based on the Hakata Niwaka masks from the comedies Japanese.

The cookie is 115 years old (well, the company is; the cookies are presumably fresh) and in that time, they have collaborated with Hello Kitty, Rilakkuma and Doraemon, but their newest collaboration with Square Enix is ​​the first time they have really it changed the shape of the cookie itself.


The biscuits, in the form of Dragon Quest’s iconic slimes, will be sold in a beautiful slime-themed commemorative box, containing three crackers for ¥ 756 (£ 5 / $ 7).


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