Random: Singapore is treated to a magical nighttime Pikachu drone show

It’s Pikachu weekend in Singapore, and the Pokémon Company is going all out with a range of events, including a Pikachu dance party, a Pokémon GO Safari Zone featuring Maractus, Shiny Purrloin and a catchable purple Pikachu T-shirt, and a massive Pokémon Drone Show starring Pikachu . Around the Gardens by the Bay, there will also be “Pokégenic” Pokémon graffiti art.

But the drone show seems to be capturing people’s imagination the most after it took place at 7:30 pm on November 19 at Singapore’s Marina Bay.

The show was twenty minutes long and featured mainly Pikachu and iconography adjacent to Pikachu including “PIKA♥ SG” as well as other Pokémon such as Corsola and Shaimin.

The drone show has already appeared in Okinawa, JapanWe hope its popularity both there and in Singapore means that drone shows will continue to appear in more cities around the world in the future.

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