Random: Rock to star in new video game movie

Rock in Fortnite (Image: fortnite)

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson spoke about this. Men’s magazine he will star in another video game movie, describing it as an adaptation based on one of the “coolest games” he has played in years.

“I can’t tell you what specific game we’re making, but this year will be announced. We’re about to bring one of the biggest and coolest games to the screen, the one I’ve played. years. I am very happy to introduce it to fans all over the world.”

While unlikely to be based on a Nintendo game, that hasn’t stopped some members of the Nintendo community from speculating:

Johnson has previously starred in video game film adaptations such as Rock (2005) and Rampage (2018). He has also been in games such as fortnite. As for Nintendo, Hollywood star Chris Pratt will voice Mario in the upcoming game. Super Mario animated film.

What kind of “cool” video game movie do you think we can see in the next movie, The Rock? Leave a comment below.

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