Random: Resident Evil 10th Anniversary: ​​Revelaitons

“They mentioned the Revelaitons typo again…” (Image source: Capcom)

Resident Evil: Revelations came out on 3DS 10 years ago today in North America (it was the end of January in Japan and Europe, but we skipped that date, okay?). At launch, it was especially noted for its typo on the “Revelaitons” box, which became one of the most humorous collectibles in the 3DS era.

Since that original release, it has been converted to HD and ported to just about everything, including the Wii U and Switch. However, we have a soft spot for the 3DS original (and limited time!) and the era it represents. It arrived shortly after the beleaguered 3DS began its fight back – the system already had steep price cuts and major releases around Christmas. It was also the game that introduced the “Circle Pad Pro” to the West after the peripheral was released in Japan along with the Monster Hunter 3 G last December. They were released together and it was a delightfully big thing.

Look at this, it's wonderful
Look at this, it’s wonderful (Image: Nintendo)

As for the game itself, your humble scribe was a big fan in our review back then. It was (and still is) an outstanding demonstration of an autostereoscopic laptop screen, and at the time it was atmospheric as hell and visually impressive. It was also a perfect fit for the system: the developers took the opportunity to work on the spin-off and implement an episodic approach to the story, with neat “preset” intros to each section.

It was pretty good, and still worth playing even on Switch if you have reasonable hopes for a decade-old game.

It was a big event 10 years ago and in 2022 it still deserves praise.

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