Random: Problems managing GoldenEye on Switch? This simple Joy-Con replacement trick is the answer

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GoldenEye is now available to play on Nintendo Switch. Oh, how long have we been waiting to print this sentence! After 25 years of N64 exclusivity, the legendary first-person shooter from Rare has finally broken out of 64-bit limits and is now playable with a Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack subscription or on Microsoft’s Xbox.

However, anyone who has tried the game already on the Switch could well run into control issues. To be honest, how the N64’s pad inputs map to a modern dual-stick controller is a bit confusing to say the least, and the default layout is almost guaranteed to make you press the wrong buttons and hit the wrong trigger – at least to start with. It’s possible to remap the buttons at the system level, of course, although resetting them when you want to play other games can be tedious. It seems the controls were set to dual analog controls by default on the Xbox, but not on the Switch.

However, we have discovered a little trick that Any The owner of the switch can use it to quickly convert the controls to something closer to the bi-analogue tuning that has become the standard for the genre over the last two decades. I agree it’s not the one most a handy control scheme, but it’s a decent workaround for those who struggle: Separate your Joy-Con and change the hands you’re holding it in..

Cross the streams
Like this. Cross the streams! — Image: Gavin Lane/Nintendo Life

There is something else. You also need go to game settings through the pause screen and switch control type from standard “1.1 Honey” to “1.2 Solitare”, but if you switch the left Joy-Con to the right hand and vice versa, the “left” trigger is eye-catching, and the “right” becomes the trigger – just like in any standard first-person shooter these days. It also translates WASD movement to the “left” analog stick while you watch “right” as usual.

For reference, here are the instructions for the items, because we are so cute:

  • Start the game as usual using two Joy-Cons as one controller (hold “L” on the left and “R” on the right)
  • Once you’re on the level, Pause immediately, go to control screen on your watch and switch style from “1.1 Honey” to “1.2 Solitare”
  • Same, change the Search Up/Down setting to Vertical. if you want to invert the default Look controls
  • Unpause the game and place the left Joy-Con in your right hand and vice versa
  • Play GoldenEye on Switch with more natural controls in 2023

It’s perfect? Obviously not. Changing weapons or opening a door is no longer so easy. Still, it’s a decent workaround if you’re just not hitting the cumbersome default NSO layout and don’t want to mess up other games by remapping buttons.

ALTERNATIVEyou can use system wide button remapping on change sticks from left to rightand also, if desired, reassign ZR>ZL and ZL>R. This has the advantage that you don’t have to switch the Joy-Con between hands and arms. same work with the Switch Pro controller. The downside here is that you will have to manually change the buttons again to get them to work “normally” with other games. This is if you do not have a spare controller that you will use exclusively with GoldenEye.

Of course, we definitely recommend playing this game with the official Nintendo Switch Online N64 Dashboard if you have one, but since their debut, there have been very few of them, and stocks have disappeared as soon as they appeared in Nintendo’s online stores. . If you’re not lucky enough to have one of these, try this unconventional setup and let us know if it helped!

(Also, don’t forget to switch the aspect ratio to 16:9 in the settings for fullscreen – we think this is a first for any game on Switch Online. spicy!)

How does it work for you? Have you found a better workaround, perhaps using two controllers? Let us know in the polls and comments below.

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